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How to install my clip in extensions?

Installing clip-in extensions is extremely easy. We have several videos showing how to properly install clip-in extensions. However, we recommend starting at the nape of your neck and sectioning off your hair. Tease gently and clip in place. Continue parting, teasing, and clipping extensions in working your way up. The smaller pieces can be used on the sides of your head. Always feel free to contact us if you need more assistance! 

How many clip in extensions come in each bundle?

Each full set of Remedy Hair clip-in extensions comes with 7 or 8 pieces in varying widths, depending on the collection you purchase. You may not need to use the entire package depending on the desired style and size of your head.

How many clip in extensions will I need?

The amount of clip-in extensions needed will depend on the style and the size of your head. You should only need one package of Remedy Hair extensions when you purchase the proper amount of hair. 

How do I know what color extensions are best for me?

Our Remedy Hair extensions come in a couple collections to choose from. Once you figure out the amount of grams you'll need, you can then see what color will best match. If purchasing online, our colors will be showcased next to each collection. Do not match the clip-in extensions to your natural root. You'll want to pick a shade that is just right (or 2-3 shades different) from the hair midway down your scalp. If you need additional help, message us 2-3 unfiltered photos of your hair. 

Which hair extensions thickness should I choose?

Our fine collection is intended to be used as filler for buns and updos. Our Classic Collection is specifically designed for those with medium-thick hair. Our Naturally You collection is our most popular. Our Glam Collection is best suited for those who have above shoulder length hair OR who are really going for that glam effect! Our Glam Collection has the most amount of hair per package. 

Why are there short hairs?

The majority of the hair will be the length you ordered, however shorter hairs are completely normal with clip in hair extensions.

Why do clip in extensions shed?

Remedy Hair clip in hair extensions are made from human hair. Shedding is completely normal with your natural hair as well as human hair extensions. Tape in extensions have the least amount of shedding. 

Will clip in extensions damage my hair?

Remedy Hair clip-in extensions will not damage your hair when properly applied and used as intended.

How should I store my clip in extensions when I’m not wearing them?

Gather the wefts in one hand. Gently brush the clip-in extensions starting from the bottom and working upwards, after you remove them from your natural hair. Do not brush extensions while they are wet. Store Remedy Hair extensions in a cool dry place. Ideally, Remedy Hair recommends storing in a dust bag/hanger. 

Can I wash my hair with my clip in extensions installed?

Do not bathe, swim, or get the extensions wet while wearing them. The less you wash the clip-in extensions the longer they will last. Remedy Hair recommends washing after approximately 25 wears. You are more than welcome to delicately wash Remedy hair extensions on their own, by hand, using an alcohol and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Rinse with cold water and ring out to dry. Lay flat on a micro fiber towel. Avoid brushing until they are completely dry. 

Can I heat style my clip in extensions?

Yes, Remedy Hair extensions are human hair extensions and can be heat styled. Please heat style the extensions before applying to your natural hair. Use a heat protectant before styling. 

Can I color my clip in extensions?

We will not be liable for what happens after coloring or altering Remedy Hair clip-in extensions in anyway. That being said, they are high quality human hair extensions. Returns and exchanges cannot be made once you open the packaging. If you decide to color the extensions, Remedy Hair recommends taking them to a professional salon specializing in color and extensions. Do not bleach. Test a small section first. 

How long will my Remedy Hair Extensions last?

With proper care Remedy Hair extensions should last between 3 months - 1 year. The length of time varies greatly depending on how often you wear the extensions, proper storage and care, and your lifestyle. Weather, products, and styling all effect clip-in extensions.  

Can I blow dry Remedy Hair extensions? 

We advise against blow drying the clip-in extensions because the high heat will lead to potential breakage. If you feel the need to blow dry, do so occasionally and only on a very low setting once most of the hair is dry. Start at the root of the hair and work downwards. Do not blow dry the clip-in extensions when they are applied to natural hair. 

What is the difference between human hair and synthetic hair?

Synthetic hair is not real hair and will melt when heat is applied. It will have a unique smell when burning. Synthetic hair will not last as long as human hair. If you are planning to style your hair then Human hair is the best solution. Human hair can be heat styled and last a long time when properly cared for. 

What is remy hair?

Remy hair is the best quality hair extensions and the cuticle is intact when collected from the donor. Preserving the hair cuticle makes the extensions appear the most natural when applied. 

What grade hair is Remedy Hair Extensions?

If you have done any research on hair extensions you will find that there is no set standard grading system. Each hair vendor can essentially make up their own grading system and rating for their hair. Due to competition every year each hair vendor will add an additional A and higher number to make their hair extensions appear superior. Each hair vendor describes their hair in any way they would like. That is why we did extensive research and testing before choosing our vendor.  For more information, here is a very informative blog article: Hair Grade Systems 

Why should I choose a lace weft clip in extension?

The lace weft clip-in extensions are extremely comfortable and add volume from root to end. When properly applied a classic stitched weft will blend better than seamless, especially for updos and styling. Those who color extensions will notice that the fabric will take the color better than the seamless. If you have a latex allergy, a fabric weft will be the perfect solution for you. 


Can I cut clip in extensions?

Remedy Hair recommends bringing the clip-in extensions to a professional stylist who specializes in cuts. 

Can I swim or bathe with my clip in extensions in?

No. Getting the clip-in extensions wet while attached to your natural hair will result in tangling, shedding, and clumping. It will be difficult to remove the clip-in extensions from your natural hair and could cause damage. 

What’s the return policy for Remedy Hair Extensions?

Due to the nature of the product and for sanitary reasons, no returns can be made once the product seal is broken, removed or tampered with, or the hair has been worn. Final sales are final- no returns can be made. Remedy Hair has made sure to include a test window in the packaging, so you can color match the hair prior to opening. Human hair is a hygienic product and public safety is very important. If product has not been opened, and clip-in extensions have not been worn, Remedy Hair will allow returns within 30 days from date on receipt, with proof of purchase for a full refund. Refunds will be issued to the original form of payment. No chargebacks allowed. Please view our return policy for full details. 

What’s the exchange policy for Remedy Hair Extensions?

If you need a different color, we make exchanges easy! As long as the hair has not been worn, and the package has not been tampered with, the seal is not broken/removed, we allow exchanges within 30 days of date of purchase. Simply ship back your current unopened set of Remedy Hair, and email us requesting which color you'd like instead. Please view our exchange policy for full details. 

Will severe wind effect my clip in extensions or my own hair?

Remedy Hair extensions may become tangled or knotted in severe wind, while riding a motor cycle, etc. Remedy Hair is made of human hair so we recommend not wearing your clip-in extensions during certain situations.