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Color Matching Remedy Hair Extensions

Color Matching Remedy Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

When investing in Remedy Hair extensions, it's important to find the best shade. Whether you are color matching a client, or trying to find the right color for yourself, be sure to listen to these helpful tips!


You Don't Need An Exact Match

Strive for that 2-3 shade range with your natural color. This will add dimension, especially for brunettes who are doing a half up/half down style or incorporating a twist/braid into their look. There are so many variations of blonde and brown that it's nearly impossible to find the perfect match. However, there's a shade that's right for everyone!

Colorist Can Work Wonders

Since Remedy Hair extensions are made from remy human hair, they can be colored by a trusted colorist. Many bridal clients take their extensions to their routine hair color appointments leading up to their wedding day. We always recommend choosing a lighter color when ordering. 

Where To Color Match

Most of us have darker roots and some sort of highlight or balayage. It's best to color match the mid section of the hair, taking into consideration your face framing pieces.