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How To Properly Install Remedy Hair Extensions

How To Properly Install Remedy Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Remedy Hair extensions are known to be comfortable to wear throughout the day. They are so easy to clip in yourself! Here are some hacks on how to make sure the Remedy Hair extensions look seamless. 


Braid and Tie Up Any Short Blunt Pieces

For the sake of the video, educator and hairstylist Shanice, demonstrates how to braid and pin short hair. Our model has long hair so this wasn't needed for the final demonstration. Pinning up short hairs allows the overall hairstyle to look seamless whether you have your hair fully down or in a styled updo. 

Measure The Nape Of The Neck

Everyone has various head sizing. Hold up either a 2 clip or 3 clip weft to measure before installing the first weft. Our hair experts find that using shorter wefts first allows for the most gorgeous application. 

Tease The Hair 

Remedy Hair extensions were designed to be comfortable and secure. Back comb two times before clipping in the extensions for a firm hold. This technique works especially well for those that have soft silky fine hair.