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How To Blend Remedy Hair Extensions

How To Blend Remedy Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Use A Light To Medium Hold Hair Spray

Spray a light to medium hair spray at the root. Back comb twice before applying the Remedy Hair extensions. 

Best Tools To Use

Educator Shanice recommends a 1" barrel for a soft beachy wave on a low heat setting. Be careful not to burn your hair using hot tools for any period of time. Spray a body and shine texture spray all over after curling. 

Curling Your Remedy Hair

It's important to incorporate both your natural hair and the Remedy Hair when curling. Make sure you are grabbing enough hair each time. Don't forget to go in with a hairspray if you have fine or silky hair textures. 

Cutting The Extensions

If you're a professional stylist you'll gather the hair from the back and point cut any loose ends.